Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day Treatment program wk 2: Day 1

Off to a great start this week! No separation issues at all:) Lowell seems to really enjoy his "school" and that makes us all very happy!

Monday's report said:

What I did really well today: He played really well and hard in gym. He enjoyed laying on his tummy on the scooter, demonstrated his good motor skills!

What was fun about today: glurch, painting, blocks, gym

My mood was: good!

Anything else? He worked on sharing with the bubble bucket

From the occupational therapist:
I really enjoyed my time with Lowell today. I worked on having him follow a sequence (bounce on ball, "crash" into pillows, get puzzle piece, walk across bridge, put piece in). He needed a lot of assistance at first but by the end he needed only a few gestures to complete the sequence. He did a great job in the gym. He enjoyed going down the long ramp on his tummy on the scooter board. He demonstrated lots of smiles and eye contact. At lunch, I got him interested in the pears by making towers with the pear cubes. He then ate them all!

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