Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Autism Day Treatment program wk 2: Day 2

Here's a pic of Lowell getting ready this morning. He's very into putting his sandles on by himself. This time he had the wrong foot, but more times than not he puts them on the correct feet and gets the velcro adjusted.

Yesterday was another smooth day. His report said,

What was very fun about today: finding puzzle pieces in sand and placing in puzzle, also letters in sand. Singing with Lyndsay (lots of smiles).

My mood was: good!

We're really getting into the routine now. One thing that just kind-of "hit" me for the first time the other night was how much trust we are putting in these teachers. Lowell has never been in daycare and has never even had a babysitter besides my parents. I was a bit suprised that it just dawned on me a week into this new program that here's our little (almost) 3 year old, who doesn't talk and is very dependent, off in the world, fairly far away (about 15 min.) from me. I think that I'm not having any fear about it is because the teachers are great, and best of all Lowell seems to really be enjoying it. It's just a strange feeling to have him away and not with my husband or my parents. Glad it's going smoothly for all of us.


Ginger said...

I'm just so thrilled that Lowell's day treatment is going so well. Bravo!

Kristin said...

isnt it incredible to find people who really know what they're doing and who we trust implicitly with our precious precious babies, without even thinking about it? gotta love it :) its so rare.... i'm so glad you found it!! :)