Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeling fall...

Ok, there's really no excuse for not updating this blog in the last two months. However I can say, no news is good news. GREAT news, in fact. Lowell is doing **wonderfully** in kindergarten and has transitioned smoothly into the school year. He loves it and we are beyond thrilled! He is a "high flier" in reading. That makes his librarian mommy proud:) We've had a great fall. Lots of walks in the woods, pumpkin carving with bobo and leaf pile leaping.
Lowell did a great job trick-or-treating. Much improvement over the last couple of years, even though he was sick.
Now we head into the holiday season. Yikes...already!? Looking forward to introducing more traditions this year and continuing with others that have become more meaningful as the kids get older. Now if he'd just stop making us call him William, or is it Hamilton today? Not sure where this new "name" phase came from, but they don't really appreciate it at school. Always something to work though:)