Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This kid rocks!!!!

Lowell has been doing so well lately. He has been much more verbal, even putting a couple of words together. His speech has been much more functional. He is requesting and formulating what he wants. He asks for help. He is naming things right and left. He is using language spontaneously. Of course he's not doing these things every time, but still...this is HUGE!!!
So tonight we were going up to the bathroom to have bath and he ran ahead of me. When I got into the bathroom he had his toothbrush in one hand, the tube of toothpaste in the other. He squirted the toothpaste onto the brush and began to brush his teeth....all on his own!!!!!! We're so proud of our little guy. He is really making some big steps lately. We are thrilled:)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

More busy work...

Lately Lowell has also been amazing us with his writing and drawing. Here he's working on his alphabet...and of course did each of them in order.

This is a clown he made on his Doodle Pro. See the hat, body, arms, *buttons* and shoes?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Music man

I'm always amazed at how well Lowell responds to music. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Joe's family is very musical. Lowell just really seems to "get it" in a way that I never have. Above he's playing his toy saxophone and is actually playing it...blowing into it (hard) and pressing the buttons to make noise. He's also very, very into his keyboard. It was actually a gift to me from my father-in-law and Lowell has already figured out the program modes and plays like a true piano man! So much fun to see:)
I'm also always amazed at the notes that his music therapist sends home. He has music therapy three times a week. It brings out the best in him. Here's what she said this week,
" The last several sessions Lowell has had more consistent on task behavior. We know he's on task when he gives sustained eye contact, follows directions, sings jointly and independently joins with gestures to action songs. He continues to be the star as he passes equipment to an identified peer. Nice listening and then interating with peer. Good health makes us all do our best!" He's definitely had a very positive surge of development (and lots more words!) after getting over his cold. Very exciting!!!