Saturday, August 23, 2008

The graduate!!!

Well, after a bit over 2 years, yesterday was the day that Lowell graduated from his Autism Day Treatment program. Wow, we are so very, very proud! He has come so far with the help of so many wonderful people. This week was one of celebration and extreme emotions saying good-bye to this program that has been such a big part of all of our lives over the last several years. He is now moving on to a typical classroom with a respite teacher for added support and his integrated pre-school through the school district that he was in last year and made remarkable progress. The future is looking bright for little Lowell:)

Here are some other summer highlights.

Bobo with his buddy Lowell at the wildflower garden.

Lowell drawing pictures in the sand at the cabin.

Being goofy on the dock.

4th of July parade in Cannon Falls.

Graduation day! Lowell reading his diploma.

Some of Lowell's best friends:)