Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here's lookin' at you:)

Lowell was off today, so we hung out at home. The kids were very mellow and played nicely. I found Lowell with his hat on and these wonderful glasses and had to snap a pic. Too funny!

Lowell's been sleeping a bit later (until 5:30 a.m.) and I really think that's helping his energy level at St. David's ADT. I guess the other day during their hello group he became the "featured soloist" as he broke out into song all on his own. I guess he's really coming out of his shell. It's always so bizarre (and frustrating) that he can sing a song all the way through, but has never used words to ask for a glass of juice, or tell us he wants music or video, etc. Go figure!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Catching up...

I know, Halloween came and went, now it's November and almost Thanksgiving (yikes!) and where have I been?!! Let me tell you all about it....

The Halloween party was a lot of fun. Lowell was a bit overwhelmed with so many people coming into our home and lots (and lots) of activity. Luckily the weather was decent and we were able to go outside and play in the yard, which he really enjoyed. We also resorted to showing some Elmo vidoes to keep him soothed. Overall I think people had a really nice time.

The very next weekend, I went to Omaha for an art workshop weekend. See my other blog. I had a *fabulous* time and it sounded like everything went well here. Wewh!

Lowell has been doing really well at his Autism Day Treatment program. They all seem to really be on a roll and he is progressing nicely. I was floored by this note from his music therapist from this week...WOW!!!..

"I stretched the kids need to watch and attend this week- Lowell did a great job! On Tuesday we did a worksheet activity, listening to recorded animal sounds and indentifying by coloring the correct animal on the worksheet. Lowell attended so well and needed only minimal cues to stay on task to completion. We also listened while I told a story with a picture book. Relaxing music encouraged our bodies to slow down and attend to the story. Again, Lowell was very successful. Today we did a join puzzle activity taking turns putting pieces in puzzle (instrument shapes that played a tune when placed in puzzle). Lowell love the activity and with only minimal cues shared turns with 2 peers in our small group. Lowell continues to verbalize spontaneously, he requests turn, identifies peers having a turn and makes song choices given picture selections. Nice week!"

We had a "parent night" at St. David's last night with a potty training theme. It was helpful and informative. It was also really nice to connect with Lowell's occupational therapist. We asked her about what he is seeing Lowell doing. She is very impressed with showing more joy in new and novel things. She said he is fixating a lot less and really enjoying playing!

I have also tried to organize and change around some of the toys at home. We brought the kiddie pool inside and have it full of balls to roll around in. We also recently bought a trampoline. We now have a play kitchen set up and I've been having so much fun buying fake food and a toaster and other items to play with. My latest purchase is the Doug and Mellissa cutting food. I love how it's wooden food and has velcro in between the pieces for them to practice cutting. They love that!

Finally, Lowell had his "school picture" taken at St. David's. This is before his hair cut, when he still had his shaggy trendy do goin' on. Hehe! Doesn't he look older? We got such a kick out of this picture, we think he looks 3 going on 13! Too cute:)