Monday, April 28, 2008

Waterslide fun!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post from this past weekend, but I wanted to share what a fabulous time Lowell had at the Great Wolf Lodge and Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells. I had never been to the Dells, but we have family in Milwaukee and wanted to meet somewhere half way. Boy did Lowell have a blast!!! There were some neat slides for kids that he went on over and over and over again. He had a ball in the wave pool too! He even went on an inner tube waterslide with daddy. Such fun and sooooo wonderful to see the joy on his face:)
Almost as exciting as the fun we had is that is he seemed to do very well in the hotel room. We had a large condo area so there was a living room, kitchen and several bedrooms. He did not obsess on the outlets at all. Yay!! He played with doors a bit and wanted to take walks around the halls quite a lot, but he was very mellow, not overstimulated and really engaged with everyone there. It felt so normal...and so fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Spring has finally arrived here in Minnesota! Lowell has been outside non-stop playing in the sandbox, riding his tractor, just generally running around having fun. We love to see that!!Last week I started some seeds in a tray with the kids. They enjoyed planting and watering the seeds. They will eventually go into a small kids garden we plan to have this year.We are doing the Autism Speaks WALK NOW FOR AUTISM again this year. It's on my birthday, September 20th! Our family web page for the event is here.