Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Spring has finally arrived here in Minnesota! Lowell has been outside non-stop playing in the sandbox, riding his tractor, just generally running around having fun. We love to see that!!Last week I started some seeds in a tray with the kids. They enjoyed planting and watering the seeds. They will eventually go into a small kids garden we plan to have this year.We are doing the Autism Speaks WALK NOW FOR AUTISM again this year. It's on my birthday, September 20th! Our family web page for the event is here.

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Jeannene said...

How exciting to have the walk on your birthday!! That would mean so much to me to being doing a beautiful event such as this the same day as your birthday. I am happy your little guy is getting out and playing and mimicking others. Wonderful to see and hear;-))

Much love,