Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Howdy from Lowell...

We're long overdue for an update here, so I'll give you a brief re-cap of our summer. It started out with a bang...literally. We headed down to Cannon Falls for a good old 4th of July parade. Then came home and did bottlerockets and sparklers with the kids for the first time. They loved it!!

Then the Ecklund's came into town from California and we had a week "up north" at Thunder Lake with my parents and my sisters family. We had a great time and Lowell got to meet his new cousin Hans for the first time!
Sidewalk chalk has been a huge hit this summer for the kids. At any given time our driveaway is covered with wild mazes and drawings that are enjoyed by the whole neighborhood.
We've been watching our sunflowers grow from seed all the way to 8 feet tall! Now they are all starting to open one by one. They are gorgeous and full of bees!
We also have been enjoying our huge, red, juicy tomatoes. The kids love to pick them, I love to eat them!
Another big milestone this summer has been the kids each starting to ride a bike with training wheels.
Lowell has no fear and is already a speed demon cruising down the street lickety split. Yikes!

We still have the State Fair to look forward to in a few weeks. Then Lowell is off to kindergarten. He is soooo ready and we are so excited to have him fully integrated into a typical classroom. A week later he turns SIX years old!
Finally, on September 26th we will be doing the Walk Now for Autism event for the third year. Here is our web page for Lowell if you feel inclined to support us.