Thursday, June 22, 2006

Autism Day Treatment program: Day 4

Woohoo...another awesome day for Lowell. I know we're still in the "honeymoon" period, but this is so motivating to have such a great start to the day treatment program. We had a seamless transition this morning. He really is getting the hang of me dropping him off. When we got to his room, he got out of the stroller, no problems. He was a bit clingy, but we then found something to play with. I think he really liked that Chloe and I stayed and played with him for a bit. He kept looking right up at me, as if he was thinking, "are you staying here too mommy?" I think they're going to have some parent days that will be fun to stay there and observe their day.

The report from today:

What I did really well today: transitioned well in a.m., transitioned to gym well.

What was very fun about today: finding puzzle pieces, opening eggs

My mood was: very good overall. He became very mellow and cuddly and rocked face to face with me (teacher).

From music therapist: Joint singing! Words and melodies with several long episodes of eye contact. Brightened affect. Using "stop/go" words with instrument/movement games. Generally redirectable when he moves away from circle of group.

Another good day! It's amazing how we're all adjusting to this new schedule. It seems so different with Lowell gone all morning. I think the routine is also keeping me more organized. I am feeling a sense of efficiency with my time.


Kristin said...

it sounds like he is doing *so good*!!! that's wonderful news! i'm so glad you're getting something positive out of it for you as well... amazing how a schedule can flip things around so much! :)

Sam I Am said...

I too understand the "using time efficiently" statement. I am actually having a hard time adjusting to summer with the boys home, as Sam doesn't get ESY services (hardly anyone does with cuts).

I loved those times in the mornings when I could get caught up before he got home!!!

Glad to hear things have been going so well!!!!