Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Autism Day Treatment program: Day 2

Well, today I managed to get both kids into the building in one piece. That was a major goal for me since Chloe ( my 14 month old) will be with us most days for pick-up and drop-off. I put her in her Baby Bjorn and had Lowell in a stroller. It worked pretty well and we got him to his classroom with time to spare:)

After Lowell got out of the stroller he started getting upset. I think he just didn't know what he wanted to start with and there were lots of adults around, so he was a bit flustered. I talked with him a bit, told him that mommy was going to leave and that he would have fun playing. Then I left. I thought maybe the transition would work better if I wasn't within view.

I was anxious to hear how the day went when I picked him up, with Chloe in tow again. Works like a charm! I'll have to take a picture:) When I went into the classroom and he looked over he gave me a huge smile and held out his arms for a hug. My heart was so big at that moment. I love that he is so excited to see me...even when I'm holding Chloe. His teacher looked at me and said, "he did SO well!" My eyes filled with tears and I was so pleased! I didn't have time to chat with her, but she did give me his daily progress report. Here it is:

What I did really well today: He transitioned very well. He only fussed about 2 minutes today. Big improvement from yesterday.

What was very fun today: He loved music and sang alot! Very participatory in group. Loved stop and go activities.

My mood was: Happy and willing to be re-directed.

Anything else important: Excellent day! I was so proud of him and his ability to settle so quickly today.
P.S. He has noticed outlets and stays away from them:) (He has a huge obsession with outlets- so this is fantastic news!)

In the car on the way home I talked about what a big boy he was at school today and how he must have had so much fun. I said "high five" and he gave me a huge smile. What a great start!


Kristin said...

oh this is just TOO COOL!!! that is amazing progress and i am *SO* happy for you guys!!! what an awesome way to start out this program... he is doing great!

ginger said...

Wow, this is so great. It sounds like this program is wonderful (just like you thought it would be) and how great that Lowell likes it, too! I'm so happy for you guys!