Thursday, July 06, 2006

Autism Day Treatment program: Week 3 wrap-up

I'm doing a week 3 wrap-up today since it's a short week and we're heading out of town. Yesterday's report:

What I did really well today: catching onto picture schedule. **They added letters onto his schedule (for example: Lowell's Day) so that he can add the letters and say the words. It seems to draw his attention in better.

What was really fun about today: putting shakers into his sandles during music time.

My mood was: good

Today Lowell was videotaped by the graduate interns.

What I did really well today: on swing, demonstrated numbers and letter skills on tape!!

What was fun about today: shared platform swing with peers, sang

My mood was: good

Tomorrow Joe takes Lowell to "school" and picks him up. Then they have a day alone while I go with my family and Chloe to a wedding in Milwaukee. The guys will then meet us up at a cabin on Sunday where we'll all be together with my parents, my sister, her husband and kids for a week. Hope all goes well! I'm a little nervous to see how Lowell responds to the different environment. Hopefully Joe and Lowell can get settled in for a day before we arrive. We've tried to think of what he may obsess about and be proactive. We'll see...

"See" you in a week:)

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Kristin said...

sounds like a good week at school! yay!!!! :)

good thinking, preparing ahead of time for his obsessions and trying to get him all ready for the trip :) here's another resource i find helpful for traveling to see family: