Saturday, July 01, 2006

Autism Day Treatment program: Week 2 wrap-up

This week sure flew by! We all really felt like we were into the swing of things with the new schedule. Lowell seemed to be well adjusted to his new class. The Friday report:

What I did really well today: peg boards, beads, used his schedule better today

What was very fun about today: peg boards, stringing beads, gym

My mood was: Seemed tired early in the day (note: he was up before 4:30 am..yikes!), but perked up. Got tired again at lunchtime.

Anything else important: We tried adding letters spelling "Lowell's Day" to his schedule and it helped!

Lowell hasn't been responding much to using picture schedules, so I've been trying to brainstorm with the teachers how to tweak it so that he may respond better. I suggested using letters more, since he responds so well to us spelling things out. Sounds like they are starting to try that and had a good initial reaction to it:) They also may use "real" pictures rather than Boardmaker pictures.

Since it's Saturday, we went to the pool today with my parents (Nana and Bobo to Lowell). He loved it and had a blast sliding down a water slide into my dads arms. He also enjoyed jumping from the edge of the pool with some prompting. After we got home he started playing with his glasses. He actually put them on his own face! Lowell has had a facination with glasses since he was very young. He likes to take other peoples glasses off and then put them on over and over. He's never let us put glasses on him. Today he was trying and I offered to help and he let me! He then put them on himself and seemed to enjoy it:)


Kristin said...

abbi does the same thing with glasses lol!! too cute :)

so glad that the week went so well with school! we're starting an actual PHOTO picture system with Abbi soon too - she doesnt understand the drawings. :)

Donna said...

Love the glassess! And the swing - how fun! Hope you had a great 4th and enjoy getting back to your schedule!