Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Support group...check it out!

Run, don't walk over to the 2Peas Autism Support Group on yahoo. It's a newly formed, VERY active group filled with tons of experience, insight and amazing support.

The group description says, "A place where 2peas members (and anyone else) can support, uplift, and be there for one another while dealing with autism. Chatting about autism, how we are dealing, how the children are dealing, etc. will be what is discussed here. Scrapbooking can be discussed here but will not be a major player in this group. Anyone can join, friends, parents, family members of people who are affected by autism, in order to gain more knowledge and support of the autism spectrum disorder."

In case your wondering, 2Peas is a scrapbooking community, but anyone can join this group. We're not talking about scrapbooking, the common bond is Autism. Come on over and join us now!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

i'll second that motion!! awesome group!! :)

love your blog btw! :)