Saturday, April 21, 2007

Continuing to amaze....

Lowell continues to amaze us. He has been in such a good "phase" over the past few months. Really expanding his vocabulary and really "with it". Joe bought a violin because he thought Lowell would enjoy it. He took it out and Lowell immediately put it under his chin and starting trying to work the bow. I asked him what he was playing and he answered "violin" right away. Not only did he listen and understand my question, but answered it. Now that's progress. Awesome! Lowell continues to make great progress at St. David's. Listen to this report from his music therapist. So cool!
"Lowell continues to use a wealth of language; greetings with adults and peers (the spontaneous "Hi Kathy" continues and is so socially apprpriate!) Requesting in choices, commenting about equipment and consistent joint singing. Music groups have been awesome this week- so much fun for all of us!"
We celebrated my daughters second birthday last weekend and I just love this shot I got of Lowell. He had such a good day. He was into her opening gifts and was interested in playing with the presents after they were opened. In the past he was quite unaware of gifts and wasn't into playing with them. Really fun to see! He also loved patting the balloons and got quite a kick out of it.


Ele said...

He is gorgeous.

Dixie Redmond said...

Lowell remind me very much of my boy. Last night I was working on the computer and my son called out to me from the other room, "Hey, Mom! Look at the sky!" I looked at the sky and it was the most beautiful, beautiful shade of pink. Then Alex said, "It's gorgeous." This from the boy who used to greet everyone with "Don't touch the microwave" and turn lights off everywhere we went.