Sunday, October 08, 2006

Soaking in Fall

What gorgeous fall weather we're having here in Minnesota. I just love this pic of Lowell I took while taking a walk today in Wolsfeld Woods. He's just taking in the scenery:) Lowell had a great week last week and to top it off, Friday night he slept in his big boy bed with NO crib in the room at all for the first time! He did fall asleep on the bed and slept until 6 am. Woohoo!! He watched us take down the crib and we sang the good-bye song from school over and over again as we took the pieces of his crib down to the basement. He seemed to be just fine with it. From the sounds of his feet pitter pattering across the floor, he seems to like having the extra room to "play"!

He had some wonderful reports from his speech therapist and music therapist at the Autism Day Treatment program last week.

From music therapist: Lowell met goal of following directions 50% of opportunities each day this week. He consistently "cleans up" independently, follows song cue "come on over and sit right down" independently or with minimal cues. This week Lowell has been on task nearly 100% of opportunities during joint singing. Several times he sang complete songs with therapist. With prompts, Lowell approaches peer to include him in play (handing peer play object). On task behavior was increased this week. He is beginning to follow a point gesture (physical gesture) consistently.

From speech therapist: Lowell (why is it that I smile every time I write his name:):) He was his usual chatty self today. Lots of labeling and repeating verbal play routines- mostly in context, sometimes not. I'm continuing to work heavily on teaching him to request. I used pictures (PECS modified) at times, but I'm not convinced this is that helpful. He is definitely improving and I will continue to share any helpful hints I may discover as I work with him.

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