Saturday, October 21, 2006

Getting ready...

As you can see, we're starting to get ready for Halloween here:) Next Saturday is our annual Halloween party. Can't wait!!!

It was a good, pretty even keel week around here. Lowell is getting less frustrated and tries to show us more successfully what he wants. He continues to increase the number of words he says. His latest is taking his clothes off and sitting up on the counter by the sink. He likes to put soap in his hands and then rinse them in the sink. He is mimicking a scene from an Elmo video. He also likes to put his feet in the sink and sometimes a bit of his hair, also from the video. He is recently very into flushing the toilet.

Lowell had a good week at the Autism Day Treatment program. Monday was “picture day”. They said he did pretty well going into a new room and sitting (briefly) and didn’t get upset. Look forward to seeing the pictures!

From music therapist: Apparently, Lowell gets the “sense of humor” award this week! A staff person substituted Lowell’s name as lyrics of a favorite song from music group. Lowell instantly caught the humor and joined in singing and showed appropriate bright and silly affect. What a nice interpersonal connection! Today he made choices given pictures of songs. He labeled his choice independently each opportunity.

From speech therapist: I love how Lowell comes “trottin’” over to my little table and slides into his chair- all ready to get down to business! He has been very cooperative and willing to follow my lead. I am impressed with his verbal choice making. I see much more intent when he says the word- for example; he says the word and immediately reaches for the item, which shows me that he is truly requesting it.

From Occupational Therapist: Lowell had a fun time with me today. He did shaving cream on the easel! It’s nice to see him tolerating a lot more tactile input. He also really enjoyed doing somersaults down a ramp into the ball pit. He came back for more several times.

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