Saturday, September 22, 2007

Turning four...

Lowell turned four on the 14th. He is doing so well. This was the first year he seemed to actually get that it was his birthday. That was so fun to see! He was interested in opening gifts for the first time ever. What do you suppose was in this GIANT box?
His very own tractor. How cool! He loves it:) He is doing extremely well with his new "all day" schedule. He is in the Autism Day Treatment program in the morning, same as usual. Now in the afternoon from 1-3 pm he goes to an integrated pre-school where half the class is "typically developing" kids and the other half is special needs kids. We have been getting glowing reports about him playing very well with the other kids, using lots of language and lots of great interaction. Yay! We are thrilled to hear that this is working out. He seems to be in a wonderful phase right now. Hope it keeps up! However tonight he had a terrible trip at the park as he was running up some stairs to go down the slide. He split open his chin. The cut does not look deep, but some skin was definitely shaved off and there was lots of blood. Ouch!!! He's a tough kid and handled it pretty well.

Did you all see the Oprah episode this week on autism? Lots of information from it is here.

Happy Fall!!

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Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe Lowell turned 4 years old! I remember when I first met him at age 2. He is a beautiful little boy. I enjoy reading about his adventures and how he is learning and growing.

Take Care,
Jan Eastvold