Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Multiple people have told me that they saw on Good Morning America this week, Diane Sawyers interview with a 27 year old British man by the name of Daniel Tammet. He is an autistic savant with Asperger's. He is extraordinarily unique because he also experiences synesthesia, an unusual neurological syndrome that enables him to experience numbers and words as "shapes, colors, textures and motions." He is only one of only about 50 people living today with synesthesia and autism. Her interview with him is facinating. He discusses the disconnect with emotions that autistic people have. If he wanted to understand something, he would think of it as a number. He talks about autism as different, but an invisible disability and how that can make life very difficult. He has come to terms with it by not being afraid of being different. He now sees it as a gift. The challenge for everyone is to be yourself, he says.

Go here to listen and watch the interview. Look for Book Excerpts on the left column towards the middle.

He also wrote a book called Born on a Blue Day that was just published this week. I must check it out!!!

On the homefront, Lowell is making some good progress with his requesting. He is beginning to use words for things that he wants, with significant prompting. That is a nice success:)

Here are the kids chillin' on a cold winter evening. Cute.


Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

I saw the interview through your post and was so taken by his explanation of things. Thanks so much for the heads up! Our Tivo is set to record things anything about Autism and I was a little confused as to why mine didn't. My husband said it was because it wasn't titled as such. So, thanks again...I would've missed my chance to learn something positive, for a change, about Autism!


Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Oh! I wanted to say, they look so cute and snuggled up in their bean bags:o)